Makassed A.BA.T. Primary School aims:

We at Makassed A.B.A.T. Primary School strive to provide the highest quality of education for all by aiming to: 1. Provide a supportive, secure, happy and stimulating environment where the children can learn most effectively and develop their 21st Century skills, talents and personalities. 2. Raise attainment and achievement of all pupils. 3. Provide a rich experiential curriculum that will enable our children to engage in the highest quality learning activities which will maximize success and develop a culture of ambition and achievement. 4. Create a warm, welcoming, positive ethos in the school based on equality, fairness and mutual respect where achievements are celebrated and everyone has a sense of identity and positivity in the school and where everyone in the school seeks Excellency. 5. Collaborate in national and international partnerships with pupils, parents and the wider community. 6. Encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility and care, for people and the environment. 7. Promote highly effective leadership at all levels with a commitment to quality and excellence.