We, at Makassed  ABAT, emphasize the communicative approach of teaching languages as well as endorsing the active learning strategies in our classrooms among all subject areas, in a serious attempt to grow responsible and independent young learners.
English language is taught using highly efficient kits of American programs such as Harcourt Journeys, in addition to various magazines, educational CDs and DVDs, and professionally designed visual aids, not to mention that interactive boards are available in most of our classrooms.
We also focus on projects, extra-curricular activities, as well as the balanced use of technology for a more effective language teaching, immersion, and usage.
Math and science are taught in English using American programs that are based on inquiry-based and project-based learning.
Our school most importantly endeavors to prepare its learners not only for the official examss but also for their future college life, offering them continuous support and suitable orientation. Above all, education programs at our school aim at providing life long learning, where 21st century skills are integrated in every lesson and a spect of school life.