ICT at Makassed ABAT is supported by a well-developed and constantly updated infrastructure, and it is integrated in administrative work as well as in the teaching-learning process.

The school interactively uses the multipurpose School Information System known as SIS at the administrative level SIS is employed at school through many modules such as the school profile, the principal’s screen, the student’s registration and tuition fee accounting, the faculty and staff, the grading and discipline fields, the student’s health profile, the library work, and the security and maintenance. The SIS proved to be a practical tool and facilitator of both communication and decision-making processes in the school itself as well as with the Makassed association.

ICT exceeds administrative procedures to access the core of our students’ daily learning, moving the teaching process to a higher and more active level, and providing both teachers and learners with a myriad of creative ideas, new resources, innovative materials, and more student-engaging softwares, and interactive visuals.

Different technologies including 1:1 to conduct online researches in all subject areas.

Last but not least, the use of interactive boards in our classrooms in teaching most of  the subjects, if not all, is an additional giant step in the practical integration of ICT, especially that our school was nominated as a Center of Excellence by Promrthean, Has been awarded as a Microsoft showcase school and coached five schools in the MENA region.