Our Makassed association owns two properties adjacent to the secondary building of A.B.AT. Hoever these two properties can't accommodate the new kindergarten and primary building sections, so the association decided to buy another adjacent property and building a complete compound of Ali Bin Abi Taleb College in one single location. The compound will include kindergarten building, the secondary building and a cultural and sports center.

The new structure of Makassed A.B.A.T will be as follows:

1-    The Kindergarten division: it would consist of two which include five classes with open courts, one closed hall, and administration room, a cafeteria, a computer lab, a library, a music room, an art room and a sport room.

2-    The primary division: the building would consist of four floors wich include open and closed stadiums, an administration room, a meeting room, a science lab, a music room, a library, and an art room.

3-    The cultural activities and sports center: the building would consist of three nether floors, which inclide a theatre that can accommodate about two hundred people, two gymnastics halls, asports club, a dancing hall, a multi-purpose hall, an internal basketball court and a parking lot.