•When does registration begin for Elementary ?
  Registration begins by mid of May.
•When does registration begin for new students?
  Registration for new students begins by mid of February .
•What are the kindergarten tuition fees?
  The fees consist of registration payment, insurance, books and computer course payment and it’s approximate 3.000.000  L.L for all kinder garden classes.
•What are the primary classes’ tuition fees?
  The primary classes’ tuition fees are 700,000 L.L.
•Is there a school uniform?
 There is a school uniform for all school students, a special uniform for kindergarten students (red shirt and dark blue trousers). Primary students’ uniform consists of dark blue trousers, squares shirt, and dark blue cardigan).
•Where can I  find kindergarten students’ books?
  We provide books to our kindergarten students.
•Where can I find primary students’ books?
  Primary students’ books are available in all book stores and you can find them at the Makassed Library at Makassed center- Mar Elias Street.
•Are there school buses?
 There are no school buses but external buses are available.
•In which language do we teach Math and Science subjects?
  We teach them in English language.
•What are the school merits?
1- Out of the Makassed association approach, our school works on raising a faithful generation, abided by his religion rituals and distinct in the oral recitation of the holy Qur’an.
2- Concerned about both Arabic and English languages so students can acquire them in all communication ways skillfully.
3- Convoying with the technological development is the most important characteristic of our school since it is fully integrated in both educational and administrative levels.
4- Concerned about the 21st century skills (innovation, critical thinking, technology literacy, life and career skills, peer interaction, global citizenship, and creativity).
5- Offer health services by doing regular medical examinations for students.
6- Offer extra-curricular activities inside and outside campus in different domains (music, art, drama, science and sports).
7- Students’ remedial programs in main subjects are available