Ali Ben Abi Taleb
Welcomes You
Makassed Ali Bin Abi Taleb College (ABAT)
embraces collaboration, integrity, perseverance,
respect, equity, diversity, and global citizenship
through high-tech and inquiry-based education.


20 schools & University with two faculties
General Hospital & 5 primary healthcare clinics
Ward Al Makassed Social Services, Scouts and more

What Makes Us Special

img1 School Culture
At ABAT, we focus on cultivating life-long learners in a caring, supportive, and stress free community, which strives to provide equitable learning among diversified learners by applying a rich curriculum alongside with various academic and non-academic programs that tailor our learners’ different needs.
img1 Innovative Teaching
We have a group of Microsoft Innovative Educators who are leading digital transformation in education through the MIE Expert program. Our educators are a group of dedicated and passionate teachers who always persist to deliver a high quality education in order to equip our learners with the 21st century skills, such as ICT integration, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.
img1 Partnerships
Our school signed a memorandum to become a certified school by the Digital Media Academy, which enables our teachers and students to adopt innovative STEAM curriculum for all our learners in all grade levels.
img1 School Programs
In order to ensure our students’ emotional wellbeing, higher performance, and thus academic achievement, we at ABAT offer varied programs that includes the Student Life Affairs Program, the Advocacy Program, Career Guidance and Character Building Programs.
img1 Accreditations
We meet high standards of performance in education, thus receiving accreditations and certifications such as ISA awards, Microsoft Showcase School, and Green School. ABAT is working on continuous improvement of all school aspects based on international standards.
img1 Worldwide Competitions
Our students participate yearly in international competitions such as the Global Enterprise Challenge, Arabic Reading Challenge, the Alecso Competition for Scientific Research and others.  
img1 Core Values
Core values, such as collaboration, integrity, perseverance, respect, equity, diversity, and global citizenship embrace the beliefs that are clearly comprehended and shared by all members of our school community.
img1 Academic Programs
Our school has launched a new era of digital learning through implementing the usage of English, Arabic, French, Science, and Mathematics I-Books for both grades 1 and 4.
img1 Writing Center
We are proud to be among the top schools in Lebanon to establish a Writing Center in collaboration with the Lebanese American University (LAU).

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