Academics      PreSchool


Early childhood at ABAT plays a major role in the academic, emotional, social, and physical development of young children. It has a different effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. That is why understanding the need to invest on every young children is pivotal to maximize their future well-being. At ABAT preschool, we strive to develop our children’s individual talents, creativity, emotional, and communicational skills, which are essential for cultivating life-long learners.

At ABAT, the learner is the center of the entire teaching and learning process. So, in line with our academic vision, our qualified teachers adopt Montessori teaching strategies, which aims through hands-on activities, collaborative work, and self-directed activities to engage students in an active learning process, and thus improve their critical thinking, self-autonomy, creativity, and their sense of teamwork.

At ABAT preschool, the curriculum is tailored with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. It is rigorous in both content and methodology to meet the highest learning standards of the 21st century learners. Conforming to this belief, we have integrated STEAM Education in our curriculum through teaching Robotics starting from K1.

Our curriculum includes Arabic, English, and French languages. All three languages integrate literacy, arts, music, math, science, technology, and movement, in addition to the character building values based on our Islamic core values knowing that Islamic education fills in a major place within our curriculum.

As we aim to develop love and passion for learning in a child, we offer a broad curriculum that includes wide range of extracurricular activities besides academics. Physical and mental development are provided through indoor and outdoor sports, dance, free play, music lessons, etc.