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Secondary School

Secondary school education is an essential segment in our young teens’ life since it paves the way to their upcoming future. It is their own gate to a prosperous and thriving future. In order to equip our young adolescents with the required skills that can help them in becoming 21st century learners and thus life-long learners, we at the ABAT secondary department strive to nourish our young teens both academically and emotionally.

The Lebanese Program is offered for the Lebanese students or for students with other nationalities who are interested to be enrolled in it. Core subjects including Math and Sciences are taught in English. Both English and Arabic are major languages, while French is taught as a second language. History, geography, civics are taught in Arabic language in addition to philosophy for grades 11 and 12. Economics and sociology are taught in Arabic language.

Depending on students’ school final grades, Grade 10 students are placed either in the sociology and economics section or in the scientific section in the following academic year. At the end of grade 11 and according to students’ school grades, students are placed in sociology and economics section or life sciences section or general sciences section.