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School Life      Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

Our students participate in many musical, artistic, literary, and scientific contests within the school campus, as well as in the activities annually organized and sponsored by our motherly association such as the Drama competition, the computer and art exhibitions, the science fair, the Makassed Sports Day, in addition to the Beirut schools’ internal athletic tournaments. Those activities and clubs go hand-in-hand with academics to include learning new skills, improving academic performance, appreciating individual differences, respecting the environment, and improving management skills.

ABAT leaves its indelible marks in all activities it takes part of , such as plays, religious choir chants, community work, and its myriad contributions to the environmental campaigns such as the ENO Climate Change campaign and Global Enterprise Challenge.

The After School Activities Program comprises a variety of sports and recreational club activities that are open to students and faculty.