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The Makassed Volunteers Unit was established during the international year for volunteers in 2001. It aims to focus on youth’s affairs and activate their role in their environment. The unit’s objectives aligns with the mission Makassed mother association, which encourages volunteerism and community service, and empowering youth.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Makassed Volunteers Unit is to train Lebanese youth, particularly Makassed students, to develop leadership and interpersonal skills, and ensure their active involvement in their society. It enables volunteer leaders throughout the Arab countries to join hands in promoting, supporting, and celebrating volunteerism in innovative ways. It complies with the Eurasmus + Association standards.

Below are the services:

Community Service Program

Pursuant to the decision of the Minister of Education and Higher Education No. 607 m 2016 on the implementation of community service project  in secondary schools which states that:

Community service hours at the secondary level are limited to 60 service hours over the three years of secondary school, 45 hours are actual service hours, and 15 hours are for planning, preparation, discussion and evaluation, with the possibility of full implementation of these hours during grades 10 and 11.

ABAT Volunteering Club’s community service hours was allocated at the Makassed General Hospital. The club planned weekly activities that were prepared according to the medical condition of the children, and implemented under the supervision of the club’s attending leader and the coordinating nurses.

Training Courses Project

About 60 young students from ABAT Volunteering Club age 6-18 were trained on skills related to the following topics:

  • Volunteering in health and social fields
  • Writing and financing projects
  • Life Skills
  • Specialized courses (pediatric stimulants, dealing with the elderly and special needs, environment…)
  • Red Cross basic first aid
  • Voluntary Work Camps Project:

Over 16 years, more than seven hundred volunteers from KBWH Volunteering Club have participated in approximately 25 training courses such as and camps such as

Participating in training programs on self-esteem, decision-making, enhancing transparency, and

preparation of children’s activities.

Organizing awareness campaigns for women, in Lebanese villages, on domestic accidents, reproductive health, drug’s addiction, and smoking.

International and Regional Cooperation Programs

The Makassed Volunteer Unit is accredited by the European Union in the field of youth exchange (ERASMUs +  program).

Members of the Makassed volunteers Unit:

– are presenters in the International Association for Voluntary Efforts in America (IAVE) in Lebanon.

– is accredited

– are participants in the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Program (France, Egypt).

– are participants in the International Visitor Program with the US Embassy (USA).

– are participants in the Second Regional Conference for Voluntary Work in Muscat, Oman, organized by International Voluntary Efforts.

– are participants in workshops and conferences on motivating volunteer work with diverse local associations.

– are members of the Arab Union for Volunteering through conferences and the Arab African Youth Forum 2019 in Egypt.



Email :

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