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Intermediate School

The most important goal during the intermediate school years is for your child to develop strong study habits, to continue to embrace learning, and to value education in general. Grades, of course, are important. However, your child’s attitude about school and learning is potentially even more important. That is why our intermediate school team at ABAT supports young teens throughout this turbulence stage of life to help them become more independent and successful life-long learners.

The Intermediate Department offers a three- year program for grades 7-9.  It offers the Lebanese program, which prepares students for the official Lebanese Brevet Examination.

The Lebanese Program is offered for Lebanese students or for students with other nationalities who are interested to be enrolled in it. Core subjects including math and sciences are taught in English. Both English and Arabic are taught as major languages; French is taught to all middle classes as a second language. History, geography, civics are taught in Arabic language.