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Our Counseling Program at ABAT offers students a judgment- free zone where they are welcomed to share any of their concerns or seek advice. It aims to support all students within the learning environment in making their life choices. The counseling program targets three main areas of development: Social/Personal, Career and Academic.

The school counselor, supported by Al Makassed Support and Wellbeing Advocacy (SAWA) Unit, provides preventive and remedial counseling services that include organized activities, awareness campaigns, individual or group counseling sessions, career guidance, consultations for parents and teachers, and workshops throughout the school year.

Confidentiality is the basis for an effective counseling relationship. The counselor’s office is a safe place for students to share their thoughts, feelings, and challenges, and it is open for all students at any time.

Benefits of School Counseling:

With counseling, students are:

  • empowered to realize their full potentials, acquire positive social skills, and become productive.
  • prepared for the future career through awareness, exploration, and planning
  • provided with support that meets their personal needs
  • supported to maintain their physical and mental well-being

Counselors’ Contact Information

School Counselor
Farah Sinno